Those of you coming to Film Day in Olympia this Thursday (January 21) will get to meet Jason McKee, VFX Supervisor for Z Nation, Director of Season 2 Episode 9 of Z Nation, and Co-Founder of MODEfx (with Travis Berry). Why will McKee be in Olympia on Film Day? Because he has personally experienced and witnessed the far-reaching effects the film production tax incentive can have for both film professionals and for the many other economic sectors touched by film.

As a direct result of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP), McKee’s company MODEfx has been able to hire 10 Washington residents, full-time, year-round, for a single project. Because of the MPCP, McKee didn’t have to leave the state, or even his city of Spokane, WA to achieve his dream of directing. He is able to work on film and television projects year-round without leaving Washington. And this, in turn, benefits the many other local industries that experience a major spike in business as a result of having a film production in town.


Share this video of McKee with your legislators to show them how film creates a valuable investment in our local infrastructure. Use McKee’s story as an opening to discuss your own personal story, and explain why drawing more productions to our state is vital for your career, and for the many businesses that are positively impacted by production budgets. Show your legislators why they need to support HB 2542 and help us ensure we’re able to Keep Film in WA.

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