(L to R) Amy Lillard, Casi Smith, Krys Karns and David Woolson.

This month Washington Filmworks Executive Director, Amy Lillard, and Production Services Coordinator, Krys Karns, paid a visit to Walla Walla, Washington. The ladies were treated to a tour of the area by our film liaisons from the Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce, David Woolson, President/CEO, and Casi Smith, Event Coordinator.

Woolson is the former Oregon Film Commissioner and greatly understands the business of film. The Chamber recently established the Walla Walla Film Office in order to be more responsive to film and television production companies by assisting with location scouting, permitting assistance with local jurisdictions, and overall production logistics. The office recently provided support to the AMC reality series, Showville, which filmed an episode in Walla Walla and is slated to premiere this year.

Last weekend the city hosted their first annual Walla Walla Business Summit. The Walla Walla Chamber of Commerce is also rolling out its Chamber Work Project, a progressive strategy designed to expand support for area business. A key component of the initiative is to explore ways for Walla Walla to move their creative economy forward.

Lillard and Karns spent a portion of their visit meeting with representatives from the Port and the City of Walla Walla to discuss the economic impact of film and the potential for further economic development in film friendly areas. This trip is the first of several scheduled regional tours for Washington Filmworks. In addition to location scouting, objectives are to get to know regional filmmakers and creative entrepreneurs, and to meet with elected officials to promote the potential economic benefits of increased motion picture production in their corner of Washington State.

Krys Karns and Amy Lillard are paid a visit from local celebrity, Izzy the Camel.

Krys Karns and Amy Lillard are paid a visit from Waitsburg celebrity, Izzy the Camel.

The group visited several distinctive locations while scouting to obtain collateral for our online ReelScout location database. This database houses photos from across Washington and showcases available looks for filmmakers and production companies. The Walla Walla tour included stops at several of the region’s one-of-a-kind locations, including several of the gorgeous wineries and vineyards the area is known for. Other unique locations on the tour included the Port of Walla Walla, the rolling hills and farmland of the Palouse, Whitman College, and the quaint, 1920s town of Waitsburg.

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for their hospitality. Washington Filmworks is excited about the strides Walla Walla has made to attract and support more motion picture production in Washington.