Next Tuesday, Nov. 6, we vote on several political offices and initiatives. There are many factors that can inform your vote for an elected official and we hope that a candidate’s support of your livelihood is one of them. If we’ve learned anything over the last few years at Washington Filmworks, that’s how essential it is that our industry remains politically active. Growing Washington’s motion picture industry requires a meaningful partnership between the local film community and our elected officials.

Numerous incumbent state legislators are up for reelection and many of them supported renewal of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program this March. There are also incoming candidates for state legislature who would champion more film business in their districts, and various candidates for municipal and county offices with the potential to influence and promote filming in any given jurisdiction. Washington Filmworks doesn’t track all the races for political office, but we encourage you to ask candidates how they intend to advocate for the development of our state’s film industry. For those who haven’t decided yet, you can find relevant information through the links below.

Governor’s Race:

State Representatives and Senators who voted in favor of SB5539 (Renewal of Washington’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program)