Washington Filmworks Approves Six Productions for Funding Assistance in 2021

Projects create immediate jobs for local cast and crew

Washington Filmworks is pleased to announce the Board of Directors has approved six projects for funding assistance in 2021, including two episodic series and four feature films.

Using a rollover of funds from 2020, Washington Filmworks was able to expand its impact in 2021, at a crucial time when creative industries have been suffering economically. These six projects were filmed in a wide array of locations across the state including Whidbey Island, Renton, and Spokane and will spend an estimated $22.3 million directly in Washington’s economy this year.

“These productions add valuable local jobs and immediate investment in communities across the state at a time when the world, and the film industry, are just starting to recover from the global pandemic,” says Amy Lillard, Executive Director of Washington Filmworks.

“The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program remains a vital part of developing a sustainable creative economy in Washington State, and with its long rich history of economic development success, it’s a program that deserves more investment.”

The available funds for 2021 are now exhausted. Washington Filmworks will open up applications again in January 2022.

Project Information (in alphabetical order):

Boon (feature film)
A neo-Western action thriller – Boon, an assassin on the run from his former boss, attempts to live a life of solitude in the mountains of Washington State. When his past nearly catches up to him he is saved by the most unlikely pair, a preacher and her son.

Dreamin’ Wild (feature film)
When Donnie Emerson was a teenager, he dreamed of being a rock star. Thirty years later, that dream might just be coming true. But with it, Donnie is forced to confront the emotional toll his dreams have taken on him and the family that supported him.

Going Home (episodic series)
An intuitive hospice nurse struggles with a work/life imbalance while helping her terminally ill clients make their transition from this life to the next. Going Local Productions in association with Sony’s AFFIRM Originals is producing the series Going Home for distribution on the Pure Flix streaming platform.

Midday Black, Midnight Blue (feature film)
Isolated in an empty house on Whidbey Island, Ian (Chris Stack) remains mired in grief and shame over the loss of Liv (Samantha Soule), a woman he loved dearly, who died some years prior on the island. Ian’s reality becomes increasingly haunted by visions and fantasies, and the only person who identifies the extent of his spiral is Liv’s surviving sister, Beth (two-time Emmy winner Merritt Wever). With the memory of Liv clamoring to be released, and his daily existence turning ever darker, Ian will have to find a way to let her go, even if it kills him.

Three Busy Debras (episodic series)
Debra, Debra, and Debra are three very busy women who are all named Debra. They live in the affluent suburb of Lemoncurd and do lots of interesting activities, which keep them very busy. Three Busy Debras is a quarter-hour comedy series that airs on Adult Swim.

Year of the Fox (feature film)
A feature film directed by Megan Griffiths and written by Eliza Flug, Year of the Fox is produced by Eliza Flug, Lacey Leavitt, and Jennifer Roth.

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