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This past month, Production Services Coordinator Krys Karns took two location-scouting trips to the Olympic Peninsula and the City of Snohomish. These trips were inspired in part by the tremendous interest in these areas from local and national production companies. The goal of these trips was to become familiar with the areas and scout film friendly locations to obtain photos for our Reel Scout online location database, a resource we use to showcase the diversity of locations across Washington State.

On her first trip, Krys traveled through the spectacular beauty and diverse landscape of the Olympic Peninsula. She relied on her film liaisons at the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau to help her plan the trip to ensure she scouted the most picturesque locations in the area. It was an ambitious three-night, four-day scout and Krys was able to scout 21 locations during her trip. In Port Angeles, she toured the city, which included Port properties such as the marina and William R. Fairchild International Airport. At Neah Bay, she was welcomed by the Business Manager of the Makah Tribe, Mike Rainey. Cape Flattery, Hobuck Lake and beautiful beaches abound.

She also met with Cherly Higgee, Fee Program Supervisor for the Olympic National Park to share information about Washington Filmworks and collaborate to streamline the film permit application process. Madison Falls and Ruby Beach were two of the National Parks Krys choose to scout. One night she stayed in Forks where she was charmed by her walk down main street when she was greeted with waves from the friendly locals. Twenty minutes south she scouted the Hoh River Trust. A majestic rainforest and the accompanying Hoh River were more magnificent than any pictures she has scene. Looping back on HWY 101, she finished her scout with a stop at Lake Crescent.

The Olympic Peninsula has a great reputation for being “film friendly” and they are no strangers to production. Projects shot on the area include the television series “Dual Survivor”, a Wrangler™ still shoot and a Green Mountain Coffee™ commercial.

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Photo credit: Washington Filmworks

Her second trip was a one-day scout to the City of Snohomish. She started off her day sharing coffee and a croissant with our local film liaison Debbie Emge, Economic Development Manager for the City of Snohomish. Walking down main street Krys found a treasure trove of antique shops and historic buildings. The surrounding area was lush with farmland. Krys scouted the Dairyland, Stocker and Thomas Farms. On these properties were three unique barns; rustic white, traditional red and original wood. All are ideal for interior and exterior filming. We also toured Snohomish High School, Belle Chapel and the 1970’s Snohomish Ironworks Warehouse. “The City of Snohomish is excited to partner on filming projects in our community and strives to make the process as streamlined as possible.  Our residents and businesses enjoy participating by allowing film crews in to their homes and shops. The economic benefits from lodging, purchases and dining while crews are filming in the area are significant,” said Emge. 

Check it out! Snohomish County has also established The Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) by the lodging industry to increase overnight stays in Snohomish County. With funding in place, the TPA is looking to support new ideas and events. They offer a Tourism Promotion Area Grant that is totally unique. It is of only a handful of grants in Washington State that gives you the support and funding you need to bring your project to fruition. Two Washington Filmworks feature film projects have received funding through this grant, 7 Minutes and The Architect. To learn more about the Tourism Promotion Area Grant, click here.

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Photo credit: Washington Filmworks

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Photo credit: Washington Filmworks

Washington Filmworks looks forward to continuing partnerships with these two areas to bring more film production to Washington State. We would like to thank the community and liaisons of the Olympic Peninsula and the host of the City of Snohomish for their hospitality.