As we shift our efforts from the Senate to the House, we want to be strategic about the testimonials we share with our Representatives.  Washington Filmworks has a tremendous amount of economic data that supports the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.  What we need more of are your personal stories.

Please take a moment to consider how the program has impacted your livelihood.  Have these incentive projects allowed you to support your family?  Perhaps the living wages and benefits have made it possible to launch a passion project or get healthcare for the first time.  Has revenue from these projects allowed you to reinvest in your business or even keep Washington workers employed?

Some of our critics believe that the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program is about putting money Hollywood’s pockets.  Your stories help to illustrate that this is a misconception.  Washington’s film incentive is not an investment in Hollywood, it’s an investment in Washington… an investment in you.

Email your testimonials to us at  Please include “testimonial” in the subject line.