Governor Chris Gregoire has appointed our newest Board Member, Paul Matthaeus, to represent interactive media and emerging forms of motion picture production. Paul Matthaeus started Digital Kitchen (DK) as the studio for the ad agency he founded in 1992. With training in photography, filmmaking, advertising and marketing communications, he chartered DK to advance experimentation and creativity in full-motion electronic media, leveraged with strategic marketing. DK was twice-voted best by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, and in 2002 and 2007 won the Emmy® at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. DK has been nominated for more Emmys than any company of their kind. In 2011, DK took the Grand Prix at Cannes® for their immersive digital experience created for the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Matthaeus has been a keynote speaker for the AIGA, Broadcast Design Association, FlashForward, Hallmark Symposium, SIGGRAPH, AdClub, INVERGE and Graphic Artist Guild. His books and commentaries on advertising, technology and creativity in marketing have earned him a reputation as a futurist and thought leader.