Bellingham Production Company Tells Their Story

For the first time in its history, Washington Filmworks has commissioned some of our most gifted production companies and storytellers to visually depict our collective story. Our goal is to tell personal, intimate stories about why film is important in Washington State. We want to put a face on film, introducing industry professionals and businesses that help make Washington State a vibrant and interesting place to live.

When people think of motion picture production, they often imagine the finished project – but how was it made? Hand Crank Films, a Bellingham production company, tells the story behind the story. Who adjusts the lighting? Who focuses the camera lens? Who starts the action? Take a look at the team effort behind production, and how production crews are an integral part of both the filmmaking community and the larger creative economy. 

You can watch the video here. We thank Hand Crank Films for producing this insightful piece.

About Washington Filmworks: Washington Filmworks is the non-profit 501(c)(6) organization that manages the state film office and production incentive programs. Our mission is to create economic development opportunities by building and enhancing the competitiveness, profile and sustainability of Washington’s film industry. We do this by creating possibilities for local and national filmmakers and offering comprehensive production support as well as financial incentives.