"The Killing." Photo by Carole Segal/AMC

“The Killing.” Photo by Carole Segal/AMC

This week it was announced that the television drama The Killing would return to AMC for a third season. The news comes six months after the network initially cancelled the drama. Once again, Netflix played a role in reanimating a “dead” television series.

Following the cancellation of The Killing this summer, Netflix began talks to continue the Fox TV Studios drama online. These negotiations inspired AMC to adjust licensing costs. Fox TV Studios also reduced the show’s budget, allowing for a deal to invite the series back to its original network.

It remains to be seen how an eventual Netflix deal will factor into the revival of The Killing. However this is not the first cancelled show the company has played a role in restoring. This May, Netflix is scheduled to release a fourth season of the much-loved series, Arrested Development.

How will the “Netflix touch” play into future television negotiations? Will they continue to pursue lost programming? If so, what other cancelled shows would you like them to bring back from the dead?