Syfy’s action-horror series Z Nation began production on May 15 in Spokane and is slated to continue throughout the summer. The episodic series was approved for funding assistance through Washington Filmworks (WF) and it’s intended to be a “Washington State production through and through,” according to series producer Rich Cowan. Media Inc.‘s George Riddell spoke with the production and got the scoop on how things are progressing. See how Z Nation‘s production is shooting off to a fast start and learn why Cowan believes that scripted television is the future for Washington film.
Photos by Oliver Irwin

Photos by Oliver Irwin

Z Nation Invades Washington

by George Riddell
June 11, 2014

The zombie horde has overtaken Spokane and the Washington film production community is elated. On Thursday, May 15, production began for the first season of the new Syfy series Z Nation, an action-horror series that depicts the epic struggle to save humanity after a zombie apocalypse.

With a 13-episode commitment from Syfy, production is slated to continue in Spokane all summer. The five-month production will employ 200 actors, the great majority of them from Washington State, plus as many as 1,300 Washington extras. In addition, the 100-person production crew is largely made up of Washington residents, as well.

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