Sports can be a touchy subject (just ask any Colts fan), but one thing is certain – we’re all going to be glued to our TVs this Sunday.

In a remarkable return, the Seattle Seahawks will face off against the New England Patriots at the Superbowl XLIX (points to anyone who can convert that from Roman numerals). Normal traditions include betting on the score, downing ourselves with chips, salsa, and maybe a few beverages, and occasional rising of vocal volume. Washington Filmworks staff is no exception, as we are all asking burning questions – what will the halftime score be? Who will win the game? And, most importantly, what is Katy Perry going to wear? Our curiosity cannot be controlled.

However, perhaps most interesting about this Superbowl and the NFL’s year in general is its foray into and presence in visual media.

Yahoo News reported just a few days ago that the NFL has struck a deal to bring official football game highlights and more videos to Google-owned YouTube. What does this mean, exactly? NFL has launched their own YouTube channel that will consist of clips of game previews, in-game highlights, recaps, fantasy football tips (forever vital), and analyses. This is a pretty big deal, because the NFL has long had strict control over its video rights and has resisted posting them for free on the web.

But this isn’t the NFL’s first foray into the world of visual media – more specifically, this isn’t the Seahawk’s first rodeo.

Below are two fantastic commercials in which the NFL and the Seahawks participate. One is an ad for Duracell that features the NFL’s first deaf player and Seahawks running back Derrick Coleman shot in 2013. The other is an amusing commercial for Alaska Airlines featuring an aggressive Russell Wilson running his own training camp that was shot in 2014. Both were shot in Washington State with Washington crew!

Enjoy the two spots below, and get your game – and inner “Firework” – on this Sunday!


As an added bonus – in honor of #TBT, here’s the 2011 Bridgestone commercial shot in Washington!