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I’m new to Washington State, how can I get involved in the film community?

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  • If you’re a crew member, list your information on the Northwest Production Index. The Northwest Production Index is an online directory of film, video and audio production resources, from production companies to post houses.

If you live in the greater Seattle area consider these possibilities:

New to Washington’s Film Community? Download Welcome to the Film Community.

How do I become an extra?
There are local extras casting agencies that are hired to work on various film productions that come to Washington State. For a list of companies that hire extras, go to Northwest Production Index  and click the “Talent” tab. Washington Filmworks does not keep talent and extras resumes on file. For more information, see our Talent Cautions and Guidelines page.

How do I get a job on productions filming in the area?
Go to the hot sheet on the Northwest Production Index list yourself in the Northwest Production Index as this is where we send productions/commercials that are looking for crew and vendors. We are also aware of several reliable pages regarding film work in Washington, they are: ‘Production Peeps’, ‘Seattle Area Filmmaker Alliance’, and ‘The Film Maker Matrix’.  Washington Filmworks is not affiliated with these pages, which are privately administered.

I want to work in the film industry. How do I get started?
See our Breaking Into the Business Section. There are also a number of film schools on our resource in the state that have great programs. Start networking!

How do I know if I am an employee or independent contractor?
If you are working on a film set then it is likely you are an employee. See the Department of Labor and Industries for more details.

Can I volunteer on a film set?
Volunteers are not allowed in a “for-profit” business. Any individual, partnership, association, corporation, business trust, or any person or group of persons acting directly or indirectly in the interest of an employer, who permits any individual to work, is subject to the provisions of the Minimum Wage Act.

Do you have any resources for film funding?
Here is a list of organizations that offer funding or grants. Click here to download.

How do I get filmmakers to come to my city?
Filmmakers need close proximity to hotels, crew, equipment and the office. However there are times when they travel out of the “zone.” Here is a document on what you can do to market your city or location to filmmakers. Click here to download.

A film is coming to my town; what do I need to know?
Washington Filmworks has put together guidelines for filming in your community. If you need help or have any questions about the filming process, please contact us for assistance.

What are all the film festivals and cinematheques in Washington State?
Here is a list of the festivals and cinematheques we have on record. If you know of additional film festivals or cinematheques, please email us at Info@WashingtonFilmworks.org.

How do I add my property/town/building to your location database?
See our section: List Your Property.

Are there any sound stages or studio type spaces available in Seattle?
A listing of Stages/Sound Stages/Studio Rentals is available here on the Northwest Production Index.  Big House Production also provides a list here.

I have an event I want the community to know about, what can I do?
Email your event information to Info@WashingtonFilmworks.org, with “Facebook Post” as the subject.