Cautions and Guidelines for Talent

For Talent, Models, And Extras

A majority of producers and production companies use industry standards but, as in any business, there are some that employ unsavory practices. Stay safe with this red flag checklist:

  • Be suspicious. There are no guarantees or guaranteed jobs in the entertainment industry.
  • Listen to your instincts; they could save your life.
  • Know the talent agency laws in your area (city, county, state).
  • Use a licensed talent agency.
  • Stay away from talent agents who want up-front employment fees. (This is against the law in most states.)
  • Check everything out before you go to the interview.
  • Have at least two reputable consumer sources of information.
  • Do not assume want ads for actors or models are legitimate simply because they appear in a newspaper.
  • Beware of opportunities sounding too good to be true (once in a lifetime, no experience required). They usually are.
  • Never send or give money to anyone who promises membership in a performer’s union. Always check with the union first.
  • Never pay money in advance for postage, advertising, registration, categorization or filing fees (an illegal practice in some states).
  • If you are unfamiliar with the agent, producer, or photographer–do not go to the interview alone.
  • Do not interview in apartments or weekly rentals.
  • If you are uncomfortable with an interview FOR ANY REASON, leave! There will be other interviews, other jobs.
  • Read all releases and contracts carefully before signing them.
  • This information is a guideline only. Please do your homework. Ask questions and clearly understand what is expected of you. We are not in a position to endorse.

For More Information, Download Guidelines Caution For Talent