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NWFF Supports Documentary Film

November 14, 2013 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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WF acknowledges the tremendous work of the Northwest Film Forum and the essential support that they offer to our region’s filmmakers.

A New Look at Indie Film Financing and Distribution

November 7, 2013 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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Exciting changes are underway that will open a new chapter for independent producers with the right projects. Learn more in this informative FMI presentation, jam packed with all sorts of insider tips.

Crowd Funding is Still a Gift

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Washington Filmworks continues the conversation on crowd funding with the second in a series of 2 guest posts…

Some Crowd Funded Growing Pains

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Change. A major change in how we think about financing independent film has not only arrived, it is maturing – crowd funding. And more change is coming. It seems that everyoneis embracing this newest gift to the “democratization” of the filmmaking journey. But is the change all, and only, good? Does the “gift” come with a catch?