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Why You Should #FilminWA

August 14, 2014 Washington Filmworks News
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You may have noticed posts on your social media feeds containing the hashtag #FilminWA over the last couple…

SIFF Festival Forums

May 27, 2014 Blog, Local Filmmaking News
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Take your filmmaking to the next Level with SIFF Festival Forums. This coming weekend is brimming with panels, presentations and opportunities for filmmakers.

A Message from Megan Griffiths

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When new Seattle Mayor Ed Murray decided not to re-appoint James Keblas as the head of the Office of Film + Music, the city lost a true champion of our burgeoning industry.

And the Winners Are…

August 27, 2013 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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In July Washington Filmworks profiled the 48 Hour Film Project: Seattle (48HFP) on the eve of their largest competition to date. As producer of the event, Krk Nordenstrom provided a glimpse into the history of 48HFP: Seattle and offered insight as to why the event has become the largest filmmaking competition in Washington State.

Making a Living in Film

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Want to be a film director? At July’s Film + Music + Interactive Happy Hour, James Keblas, Director of the Seattle Office of Film + Music, walked the audience through the details of this infographic, illustrating how one Seattle film director has found success in a versatile and creative approach to filmmaking.

Get in the Conversation with WF

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Washington Filmworks will host and participate in a series of events over the coming days in Seattle, designed to get audiences excited about the future of film in Washington State. No matter where you’re at in your film career, there’s a little something for everyone. Check it out.