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Location Scouting Fundamentals

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New to location scouting? We’ve got a resource for you. Now go forth, and scout like a pro!

Looking for Locations on a Budget?

March 13, 2014 Blog, Locations, Resources
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WF has has developed this resource for filmmakers with tips about how to put your best foot forward when looking for locations on a budget. Take a look.

On Location

October 15, 2013 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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Hear from some of Washington State’s most seasoned location scouts and managers, as they talk to Media Inc. about their careers, their on-set experiences, and their favorite Northwest locations.

LAGGIES: By the Numbers

October 3, 2013 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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Locations can make or break a project and Washington has several amazing Location Scouts and Managers who can help you find and secure the perfect look for your next film, commercial or still shoot. Get a glimpse into Drummond’s work as a Location Manager on Laggies.