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Decoding the Supreme Court’s Aereo Decision: The Future Looks Hazy for Cloud Computing

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On Wednesday, June 25, the Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling stated that the Internet startup Aereo is illegal in…

Unique Worlds, Big Characters

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Screaming Flea Productions is one of the Northwest’s largest producers of nonfiction programming for cable networks. They are working to consciously cultivate more great content here in Washington State.

Pilot Season Overhaul Unfolds

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Is the traditional TV model on the way out or already dead, and how will the shifting landscape change the production of original content? Many networks are forging new routes for their pilots.

‘Tis the Season for Film

December 19, 2013 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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Movies and holiday TV episodes are often a huge part of our modern traditions. In this spirit, the WF staff wanted to share some of our holiday movie and TV memories, both working on set, and the favorites we watch again and again.

Just One More Episode Before Bed…

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Television is heading online. The rise of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu,, and HBO’s HBOGO has caused many to turn off the TV, and to turn to their computers and mobile devices to watch their favorite shows.

Cutting the Cord

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We watch, share, stream, download… The way we consume video has evolved at an insane pace and the era of watching programs exclusively on cable is a thing of the past.

So Where’s the Content Already?

November 16, 2012 Blog, Washington Filmworks News
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Over the last few years the online retail giant Amazon has been experimenting with a controversial new business model for producing original content. Amazon Studios was created to gather scripts, test projects, and determine whether audiences found those to be commercially viable. The studio claims they offer opportunities for new voices and promote the platform as open to anyone. However opponents accuse Amazon of developing a system that takes advantage of green writers, holds their intellectual property hostage, and eventually strips them of valuable rights to their material.

Do You Binge View?

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The industry has been buzzing this year about the growing sport of marathon television watching, popularly coined as binge viewing. Binge viewing is defined as consuming three or more episodes of a television series in one sitting.