Brianna Torres is a Mexican and Cuban-American award winning filmmaker from the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. She is the Media Arts Programming Lead at the makerspace BARN Bainbridge where she also teaches film classes. Brianna is a floral designer and loves everything about plants, flowers and stones. Before moving from Los Angeles to the Pacific Northwest, she worked as a music supervisor and art department coordinator for NBCUniversal and on independent feature films, web series and music videos. A runner over half her life, she qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon and ran a 6-day stage race over the Rocky Mountains with her friends. Art, nature and culture are the pillars by which Brianna likes to show up in the world. She is passionate about amplifying BIPOC and LGBTQ+ voices and centering women and indigenous knowledge. Brianna loves building community and learning new skills for sustainable crafts. She is currently finishing a documentary filmed in Cuba and working on film scripts. Brianna fills her life with a lot of cool things but her favorite and most challenging among them is being a mom.