Hello, my name is Ezra Asfaw, a Seattle native and first-generation Ethiopian. In 2019, I graduated from UW with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and soon after pursued a degree in Film Directing at MetFilm School in London, UK. There, I worked on various film projects and directed and wrote my debut short film, “Out of Reach,”.

Upon completing my London program, I returned to Seattle, embracing the role of a freelance production coordinator and eventually producer. Eager to create our own narrative, a friend andI founded Cultivate Media—a small production company with a core mission of highlighting inclusivity and diversity in local underrepresented communities.

Currently immersed in developing my next film, I am both honored and grateful to participate in the Above the Line Education Forum. This opportunity will allow me to learn from industry professionals, expand my knowledge and foster my success in this dynamic and evolving field. I am looking forward to the exciting journey ahead!