In the realm of film and television, Jennifer stands as a dedicated professional, actively engaged as a member of the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and IATSE Local 488. As a Key 2nd Assistant Director, she has orchestrated efficient productions, collaborating on notable film projects such as “Year of the Fox” and “Dreamin’ Wild” and episodic productions such as “Three Busy Debras Season 2” and “Going Home Season 2.”

Beyond assistant directing, Jennifer has showcased versatility as a producer, steering short film projects like “Louise” directed by William Bancroft, and “Good Neighbors” directed by Juan Mas. Additionally, she has played a pivotal role as a Production Coordinator, contributing to the success of “Joe Baby” directed by Steven Brand and “Z Nation Seasons 4 and 5” by various directors and showrunner, Karl Schaefer.

Jennifer has brought a discerning eye to casting decisions, notably in projects like “All Those Small Things” and various seasons of “Z Nation” where she created Zombie Auditions and facilitated the selection and management of over 1300 extras per season.

Jennifer is committed to the development of a strong local crew base and finding opportunities for continued education across Washington to keep a competitive edge in the industry.