Lily always knew that film would be her guiding motivation throughout life from a young age with the inspiration she gained from her experiences of connecting with movies as a child. As she grew up in a non-traditional home with a single parent, she learned the values of adaptability and perseverance in the face of adversity, which has in turn made her resourceful in both her adulthood and creative pursuits.

As an autistic, biracial and queer individual, she has a strong ambition to represent marginalized and underserved communities through the medium of filmmaking. After graduating high school with her Associate of Arts degree in Media, Lily completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Film at Portland State University in March 2022, and has established herself in both the Art and Camera departments as a Production Designer and 2nd Assistant Camera. Recently, she has had the opportunity to work in collaboration with production companies such as A24, TEDx and TLC, as well as contribute to the pre-production and completion of other short films throughout the Pacific Northwest.