Q Bell is a writer/director born and raised in Seattle, WA.  He credits the tragic losses of multiple childhood friends to gun violence and prison system for fueling his desire to tell stories across various genres that examine the complexities of the human condition.  He loves to explore troubled souls who attempt to do the right thing in an imperfect world.  As a veteran of the United States Air Force, the diversity he encountered during an honorable term refined his palate for storytelling and character exploration.  Quintin studied filmmaking, screenwriting, and cinematography at The Los Angeles Film School and New York Film Academy respectively.  After graduating, he wrote and directed multiple short films and music videos.  In 2021 he shot the short film AWAY, an unflinching look at the cycle of violence annihilating black families in America.  AWAY was accepted into multiple film festivals and won a Gold Remi Award for best dramatic short film at WorldFest International Film Festival.