Shea Formanes is a Filipino-American writer/filmmaker born and raised in New York City(specifically Queens), currently based in Seattle. Influenced by her love of coming-of-age stories, she writes and directs works that tackle themes of family, friendship, and generational trauma in marginalized, specifically BIPOC and LGBTQIA+, communities. A recent graduate of the University of Washington, her works include the romantic coming-of-age short film, The Kettle and the sci-fi/drama stage play, Bahay Kubo.Most recently, she was the 1st AD apprentice in the Action! Narrative Apprenticeship Program at the Northwest Film Forum, where she worked on the upcoming short film, Bab’s Bouquets.In addition, she’s the head writer on the forthcoming sci-fi animated series, Defenders of Alodia, and is currently in post-production for her feature film debut: the sci-fi/drama, I Watched Her Grow.