Announcing House Bill 2542

Hearing in House Finance Committee Scheduled for Friday, January 22 


Washington Filmworks is pleased to announce that House Bill 2542 (HB 2542) has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Prime sponsored by Representative Marcus Riccelli (3,D), the bill doubles the size of the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (MPCP) fund to $7 million over two years and increases the fund incrementally until it reaches $10 million by the year 2020. The bill will also extend the sunset date of the program to December 31, 2023.

The bill is also supported by a geographically diverse group of Democrats and Republicans across the state. Washington Filmworks would like to thank prime sponsor Representative Marcus Riccelli (3,D) along with the following sponsors:

  • Representative Marcus Riccelli: Prime Sponsor (3,D)
  • Representative Ed Orcutt (20, R)
  • Representative Joan McBride (48, D)
  • Representative Brandon Vick (18, R)
  • Representative Chad Magendanz (5, R)
  • Representative Kevin Van De Wege (24, D)
  • Representative Sharon Wylie (49, D)
  • Representative Gerry Pollet (46, D)
  • Representative Luis Moscoso (1, D)
  • Representative Shelly Short (7, R)
  • Representative Strom Peterson (21, D)
  • Representative Drew C. MacEwen (35, R)
  • Representative Timm Ormsby (3,D)
  • Representative Kevin Parker (6, R)
  • Representative June Robinson (38, D)
  • Representative Eileen Cody (34, D)
  • Representative Cindy Ryu (32, D)
    • Representative JD Rossetti (19, D)
    • Representative Steve Bergquist (11, D)
    • Representative Patty Kuderer (48, D)
    • Representative Jessyn Farrell (46, D)
    • Representative Brady Walkinshaw (43, D)
    • Representative Terry Nealey (16, R)
    • Representative Larry Springer (45, D)
    • Representative Bruce Chandler (15, R)
    • Representative Sherry Appleton (23, D)
    • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon (34, D)
    • Representative Jeff Holy (6, R)
    • Representative Hans Zeiger (25, R)
    • Representative Sam Hunt (22, D)
    • Representative Roger E. Goodman (45, D)
    • Representative Mia Gregerson (33, D)
    • Representative Pettigrew (37, D)

A hearing for the HB 2542 has been scheduled for Friday, January 22 at 8:00 am in Olympia. This is great news because the bill needs to be heard in committee (and voted on) before it can go to the House floor for a vote.


  1. Write both of your Representatives and ask them to support HB 2542, the bill to extend the sunset date and increase funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. If your Representative has sponsored the bill, thank them for their support!
  2. RSVP for Film Day on Thursday, January 21. Come to Olympia and tell your elected officials your personal story about why film is important in Washington State. RSVP today HERE.
  3. Attend the House Finance Committee Hearing on Friday, January 22 at 8:00 am in the John L. O’Brien Building, Hearing Room A. If you plan to attend, let us know by emailing


Don’t know who your elected officials are? Go here.


The session is only 60 DAYS this year so ACT NOW!