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City of Port Angeles – July 2014

Port Angeles Map


Historic Port Angeles, nestled into the base of the Olympic Mountains along the shore of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, deserves the title “Where the Mountains Meet the Sea.” There is a mix of industry, beauty and Northwest native culture in the midst of the town’s everyday life. The authentic American 1950s, small-town downtown combined with historic brick architecture offers endless filming possibilities. Being situated in the middle of nature provides many urban wilderness-like vistas, both forest- and water-based. Port Angeles has excellent restaurants and caterers that are part of the Olympic Peninsula Culinary Loop, as well as many different housing options from hotels to vacation rentals to B&Bs.


Photo Courtesy Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau

Photo Courtesy Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau

Port Angeles Weather

Photo by Val Henchel

Photo by Val Henchel

Port Angeles is a coastal town with mild seasons.  Most of the year, winds from the Pacific Ocean sweep in along the Strait of Juan de Fuca bringing moisture and comfortable cool breezes.  Winds from the Canadian North can often bring snow flurries in the winter, which usually do not linger long as warmer rains wash them away within a few days.  Spring sees a burst of floral color and most everything stays green through the summer.  Due to the relatively wet summers, autumn comes a little later than it does in the rest of the country.  Maple trees begin to turn orange and brown in early October and by November, the town is an entire landscape of evergreens, which are abundant and never out of view against the snow-peaked backdrop.

Average Temperature:
January – High 45.1 F, Low 34.0 F
July – High 68.4 F, Low 51.7 F
January Rainfall – 4.02 inches
July Rainfall – 0.55 inches
Western Regional Climate Center

Projects Filmed in Port Angeles

Photo by Holly Hayes

Photo by Holly Hayes


  • The Hunted, Lakeshore Entertainment / Alphaville Films (2003)
  • The State, Kryptos Films (2002)
  • Wyatt Earp, Warner Brothers (1993)
  • Past Midnight, Cine-Tel Entertainment (1991)
  • The Hunt for Red October, Paramount Pictures (1989)
  • Kid Coulter, Wind River Productions (1984)


  • Ax Men, Original Productions (2008 – 2014)
  • My Five Wives (2013 – 2014)
  • Reflections of Murder  (1974)

Key Locations of Interest

Photo by Val Henchel

Photo by Val Henchel

  • City Pier and Waterfront Esplande
  • Olympic Discovery Trail runs through town (Rails to Trails project)
  • Historic County Courthouse, museum, old post office, Lincoln Middle School and other downtown buildings
  • Hurricane Ridge vistas
  • Industrial locations: wood mills, yacht construction and repair marinas
  • Distant views of Canada across 18-mile Strait of Juan de Fuca
  • Peninsula College campus
  • Peninsula Golf Course
  • Art outdoors, both downtown Port Angeles and at Webster’s Woods Art Park
  • Children’s Dream Play Park and Skateboard Park
  • Quiet, hillside neighborhoods overlooking the town below
  • William R. Fairchild International Airport and Rite Bros. Aviation
  • Ediz Hook 3-mile spit of land sheltering the Port Angeles Harbor
  • Historic Camp Hayden at Salt Creek Recreation Area with the remnants of World War II bunkers

Relevant Contact Information

  • Agency that issues permits and costs – Brendan Fluckiger, (360) 565-3090
  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control – Port Angeles Police Department, (360) 452-4545

Closest Large Washington Airport

  • William R. Fairchild International Airport is in Port Angeles.
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 128 miles from Port Angeles.

Closest Large Cities in Washington

  • Olympia is 122 miles from Port Angeles.
  • Seattle is 84 miles via the Bainbride Island Ferry; 87 miles via the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry from Port Angeles
  • Tacoma is 109 miles from Port Angeles


Photo by Mary Brelsford

Photo by Mary Brelsford

A list of accommodations in the Olympic Peninsula can be found here: http://olympicpeninsula.org/places-to-stay


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