Film Turns Junk Into Cash

The Surprising Ways In Which Film Can Benefit Business


Jake Fischer owns Diversify Truck and Equipment Repair in Spokane, WA. He was surprised to see how well his business complimented the needs of the film industry in Spokane when productions like Z Nation came seeking items from his junk yard. Jake’s services and equipment were also sought after when the production needed restroom trailers or trucks to get crews to and from set.

“A lot of that income I would have never gotten in normal circumstances,” Fischer says in the above video. “This year it was at least 25 percent of my total income.”



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  • Motion picture production generates more than $10 of benefit for every $1 invested.
  • Since 2007, film projects approved through the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program have brought in an estimated $109 million in direct in-state spending.

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