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City of Shelton – September 2014

Big Wheel Saw Shelton Lookout, Photo Courtesy Shelton Mason County Chamber

Big Wheel Saw Shelton Lookout, Photo Courtesy Shelton Mason County Chamber

Shelton is the westernmost city on Puget Sound with a population of over 9,000. Formerly called Sheltonville, Shelton’s marine and timber heritage have shaped today’s delightful town. A short drive from Shelton and its convenient amenities, you will reach Hood Canal – the only true saltwater fjord in the lower U.S. – on the edge of Olympic National Park and Forest. The area is trademarked for its turn of the century architecture, mountain trails, waterfalls and waterways/tidelands, and spanning vistas.

Shelton Weather

View from High Steel Bridge, Photo by George Stenburg Photography

View from High Steel Bridge, Photo by George Stenberg Photography

Shelton’s weather is mild with dry warm summers and gentle winters. Some cloud cover with calm or moderate wind is typical and precipitation – most often light rain – is expected most days Fall through Spring.

Average Temperature:

January – High 44.5 F, Low 33.1 F

July – High 77.1 F, Low 52.3 F


January Rainfall – 10.47 inches

July Rainfall – 0.94 inches


Western Regional Climate Center

Projects Filmed in Shelton

Hamma Hamma River at North Fork Bridge, P hoto by George Strenburg

Hamma Hamma River at North Fork Bridge, Photo by George Stenberg


  • Kia (2013)


  • Top Gear (2013)

Key Locations of Interest

Darby Water Wheel, Photo by George Stenburg

Darby Water Wheel, Photo by George Stenberg

Key Locations of Interest
  • Allyn Historic Church
  • Colonial House
  • Dalby Water Wheel
  • High Steel Bridge
  • Hope Island
  • Jarrell’s Cove Marina/Park
  • Lake Cushman Rock
  • Mason County Courthouse
  • McCreavy House
  • Mel’s River Bottom Property
  • Old Restore Building
  • Simpson John’s Prairie
  • Skokomish Valley
  • Twanoh State Park
  • Union Landing

Relevant Contact Information

  • Local Film Liaison – Heidi McCutcheon, Executive Director, Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce,(360) 426-2021,exec@sheltonchamber.org
  • Agency that issues permits and costs – Vicki Look, City of Shelton, (360) 426-4491, vlook@ci.shelton.wa.us

Closest Large Washington Airport

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 73 miles from Shelton

Closest Large Cities in Washington

  • Olympia is 22 miles from Shelton
  • Seattle is 82 miles from Shelton


Hunter Farms Barn, Photo by George Stenburg

Hunter Farms Barn, Photo by George Stenberg

A list of accommodations are available online at: explorehoodcanal.com


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