On December 14th the Special Session of the Washington State Legislature adjourned. Washington Filmworks had hoped that the renewal of our film program would be a part of a jobs bill considered during the Special Session. Unfortunately, no such bill was introduced. We now set our sights on the regularly scheduled 2012 legislative session. We continue to work with our supporters in Olympia to strategize the best way to get the program renewed and will persist in our push to get the program included in a jobs bill during the upcoming session which begins on January 9th.

In preparation for the legislative session, we continue our work with the economist and political strategist to build the best story that supports our campaign for renewal. We ask that the film community join our efforts and urge their elected officials to restore the program and protect film production in the Evergreen State.







2011 marks a total of 71 projects approved by Washington Filmworks since our inception in 2007. The Motion Picture Competitiveness Program has created over four thousand immediate jobs and generated more than $38 million dollars in spending with Washington businesses that provide production and support services for the film industry. With this in mind, we have created a Business Letter of Support that strongly urges our state legislators to renew the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program during the 2012 legislative session.


We ask those businesses who sustain and gain from film production to write their legislators urging them to renew the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program in this upcoming legislative session.  Pleasetake a moment to read over the sample business letter of support and feel free to use it when writing your legislators or include facts from it when writing your own personal letter.  

(Please bcc info@washingtonfilmworks.org when writing your legislators.) If you need help identifying your legislators, you can visit this site to find your legislative district, Senators, and Representatives.



If you agree and support our message, we are also asking that you please send an email giving us permission to include your business name and logo in our campaign to legislators.

  •  – Provide us with your correct business name and
    preferred contact                    information.
  •  – Include your print-resolution business logo
    (300dpi or higher).  Preferred            formats are AI, PSD, EPS, PDF or PNG with a
    transparent background.


Email to info@washingtonfilmworks.org
by January 9, 2012.







Every filmmaker knows the first take is rarely the best take. This is precisely why Washington Filmworks is launching Take 2, our new legislative blog and information resource for all things related to renewal. We’ve spent the last few months assessing our 2011 campaign and have a ton of new ideas and strategies up our sleeves. Watch for the launch of the blog in the first week of January 2012.

We’ll need the help of the film community to make our campaign a success. Think of Take 2 as the go to location for breaking news and information related to renewal of Washington’s Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. The blog will be frequently updated with stats, facts and speaking points. Starting in 2012, log onto Take 2 from the Washington Filmworks website and find out how you can be a key player in saving film production in Washington.





Thank you to everyone who attended this month’s 2011 Annual Industry Update events in Spokane and Seattle. There was a lot to celebrate – the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program made it possible for 12 projects to film in Washington this year. Washington Filmworks committed more than 4 million dollars in funding assistance resulting in an estimated 15 million dollars being spent in Washington.


The food was delicious and the spirits were flowing, thanks to Vince Miller of Seasonal Goods Catering in Seattle, Beckie and Rick Giles of Giles Catering, and Nectar in Spokane. We were energized by the fantastic turnout, the thoughtful questions and the momentum building for our upcoming renewal campaign.


If you weren’t able to attend, the presentation is now online.







In the January 2012 issue of Seattle Magazine, journalist Dana Standish covers the potential loss of the Washington Motion Picture Competitiveness Program. In her article Washington Loses Its Film-Incentive Program, she chronicles the history of the program, and Washington Filmworks’ efforts to renew the bill that supports the program (SB 5539).

While the title is a bit chilling, the article features interviews with those in the know from across Washington, and explains why the bill is still alive and primed for renewal in 2012. Standish covers everything from public disdain for tax incentives, to the reasons why this program creates jobs, brings millions of dollars into Washington, and is essential for film production in the state. Be sure to check it out.





Ever wanted to live inside of a holiday snow globe? Look no further than iconic Leavenworth, WA. Modeled after a Bavarian Village, this inviting town doubled as fictional Christmastown in Sue Corcoran’s “Ira Finklestein’s Christmas”. The 2011 feature film is the story of a young boy who is obsessed with all things Christmas.

Need a winter wonderland for your own production? Be sure to scout out the Eastern slope of the 8,000 ft. Cascade Mountains. Nestled in Chelan County, Leavenworth offers snow, reindeer, sleigh rides, and a nutcracker museum! It’s no wonder A&E named it “Ultimate Holiday Town USA”.


For inquiries about Leavenworth and other locations in Chelan Country, please email info@washingtonfilmworks.




Please be advised that Washington Filmworks will close our office December 23rd and reopen on January 3rd. We wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season. See you in 2012!