Music videos, like advertisements, can be an art form of their own: a short, filmic burst of imagination inspired by a song and made in the vision of a band or a music video director.

And as you may know, Washington State has a fine tradition of bringing excellent music (and film) out to the world – from the grunge days, to the DIY punk scene in Olympia, Seattle hip-hop, experimental folk from Anacortes, and more.

We’ve scoured the state to find some amazing music videos – all from loal bands and musicians and all shot in Washington State – and many shot by local producers and directors as well. So sit back and take a look – but don’t be afraid to get out of your chair and dance!

Check out:

This classic Sleater-Kinney video from Olympia (directed by filmmaker Miranda July!):

Macklemore on a moped in Spokane:

Mt. Eerie’s intense fog and forest harmonies from Anacortes:

Shabazz Palaces travel through earth and space with this video directed by local filmmaker Stephan Gray:

The Head and the Heart ‘shake’ on it at Bear Creek Recording Studio studio in Woodenville:

Gabriel Teodros represents in South Seattle:

Ambient bliss in the peninsula with Archivist:

Chastity Belt finds a couch and makes their own Seattle Party: