REEL-CREW Frequently Asked Questions

What is REEL-CREW?

REEL CREW is a free, online professional crew database. It is used by productions to locate local crew while filming in Washington State.

How do I use REEL-CREW?

It’s easy! Go to this page for instructions on how to register, create, or update a profile.

Is there a cost to use this service?

No cost, it is absolutely free!

Can I register if I live outside the state of Washington?

No, only crew members living and working in the state of Washington can use the database.

 Who can see my contact information?

REEL-CREW is a public, searchable database, so any information you add is what productions will be able to view online. When you register, you can control what contact information and credits are made public.

If you have been pre-registered through Washington Filmworks because you have worked on a previous incentive project, your public profile will include only your name and film credits. It is important that if you are pre-registered that you log in to update your profile to make your contact information viewable on the website. If you do not login and take this action, only your name and film credits will be viewable.

When creating my new profile on REEL-CREW, how come I can’t see the film credits that I have entered?

When you enter the projects that you have worked on in REEL-CREW, they populate on another page.  To see them, click on the tab that says “credits.”  The titles that appear on that page will be posted to your profile.

I am an actor/production business/vendor in Washington State. Can I list myself in REEL-CREW?

No, Washington Filmworks’ REEL-CREW database does not currently support talent, production-oriented businesses or vendors. Local talent is encouraged to utilize Washington-based resources for actors including casting agents and directors, and callboards like the Backstage, as well as the local chapter of SAG-AFTRA. We also encourage resident production businesses and vendors to list themselves with other local resources such as the Northwest Production Index.

What about other crew databases and call boards in the state?

These resources are still very much around and are also important ways for crew and production support businesses to list their services and get noticed. We encourage you to list yourself in all available resources – REEL-CREW, the Northwest Production Index, IATSE’s crew list, Seattle’s Women in Film directory, and Northwest Film Forum’s Callboard, to maximize your chances of finding work and new opportunities.

Whom can I contact with more specific questions?

If you have any further questions about REEL-CREW, please contact us here: