Production Directory Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Washington Filmworks Production Directory?

The Washington Filmworks Production Directory is a one-stop-shop for all production needs. It includes crew, production companies, post-production services, vendors, and support services throughout Washington State. The Production Directory is an industry-standard, trusted source that is used by dozens of state film offices across the United States. When out-of-town producers come to Washington, they will look here first to hire local.

How do I sign up for the Production Directory?

It’s easy! You can register for the Washington Filmworks Production Directory here. For a step-by-step guide on creating your listing, you can check out this How-To Guide.

Is there a cost to use this service?

No cost, it is absolutely free!

Can I register if I live outside the state of Washington?

No, only crew members that are Washington residents can create a listing in the database. To be listed as Support Services, you must be a qualified WA State business.

A Washington resident is an individual who maintains a permanent dwelling within the state, and spends an aggregate of at least six months each year within the state.

A Washington business includes any sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability entity, or corporation that is registered to do business with the Washington Department of Revenue and has an office (including a home office) in Washington State.

Who can see my contact information?

The Production Directory is a public, searchable database and when you register, you can control what contact information and credits are made public.

I just updated my listing, how come I can’t see the updates that I have entered?

New and updated listings must be approved by Washington Filmworks. Once we have approved your changes, your listing will be updated publicly.

I am an actor/stunt performer in Washington State. Can I list myself in the Production Directory?

No, the Washington Filmworks Production Directory does not currently support talent listings. Washington resident talent is encouraged to utilize Washington-based resources for actors including talent agents, casting directors, SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local and callboards like Backstage.

What about other directories and call boards in the state?

These resources are still very much around and are also important ways for crew and production support businesses to list their services and get noticed.

We encourage you to list yourself in all available resources – Washington Filmworks Production Directory, Seattle’s Women in Film Directory, and Northwest Film Forum’s Callboard, to maximize your chances of finding work and new opportunities.  

If you are looking for information about union crew members in Washington State, please contact one of the union representatives that are listed in the “Union/Guild” section of Washington Filmworks’ resource page.

Whom can I contact with more specific questions?

If you have any further questions about REEL-CREW, please contact us here: