Completion Package

Expedite the Funding Assistance Process

About the Completion Package Process

Within sixty (60) days of completing principal photography on your motion picture project, or forty-five (45) days for a commercial, the production company must submit a Production Completion Package to Washington Filmworks. Post Production completion packages (if applicable) must be submitted within one year of the date the production funding assistance payment was issued.

Washington Filmworks works closely with each production in an effort to expedite the funding assistance process and reduce associated costs to the production. Please see Addendums 6 and 7 in the Guidelines and Criteria for a full list of required documents.

Samples and Templates

Below you will find documents and templates you may find helpful in the completion package process. Your completion package documents do not need to match these, they are for your reference as a sample and to illustrate the information we require upon completion. You may use whatever format/design you are comfortable with, as long as all of the mandatory information is presented.

Learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes by downloading our Completion Package Helpful Hints.

The Code of Conduct can be used as a tool for location scouts to better explain how film crews are expected to act on location. Location Scouts can also provide this document when approaching local businesses or home owners about using their property as a location for filming. This document will help them understand the impact of a production.

Qualified projects claiming funding assistance on wages or salaries paid to Washington State residents must have each employee complete this Declaration of Residency Form. The Qualified Project must retain this form in its records and submit a completed copy for each Washington State worker employed on the Qualified Project.

Included is the Petty Cash Envelope Sample, in both Excel and PDF format.

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