On September 18th, Governor Jay Inslee updated the film industry’s safety on set protocols to give further guidance for the hair and make-up department. The mandatory safety protocols for film require that all productions adhere to the Personal Services Guidance and the following updates were made regarding working with talent. (In this context, customer refers to talent.)

For any service that necessitates the removal of customer’s face covering (i.e. facial or beard trimming), the following apply:

  • The service provider must wear a NIOSH approved N95 face covering. If N95s are in short supply and cannot be obtained readily, an FDA approved surgical mask and face shield combination is an acceptable substitute. However, the employer would have to demonstrate they have standing N95 orders that cannot be filled.
  • Minimize the amount of time the customer’s face covering is removed.
  • Encourage the customer to refrain from speaking while face covering is removed.

The full safety on set protocols can be found here.