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South Bend – December 2015

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Located on the scenic shores of the Willapa River, South Bend is the governmental center of Pacific County. The town began to form in 1869 when the Riddell brothers – Valentine and John – built a sawmill on the bend of the Willapa River, leading industry and economic impact to the area that includes shellfish, Dungeness crab, and, especially, oysters! South Bend is famous for being the Oyster Capital of the World – one out of every six oysters consumed in the USA is harvested in Willapa Bay!

South Bend is the gateway to Willapa Bay – one of the most pristine estuaries in the nation, it showcases everything from bald eagles and hawks to coyotes and Roosevelt elk. The pine and hemlock-laced woods is, adventure at the town’s doorstep. Kayak, swim, fish, and crab your way through the Willapa River and, after, enjoy a meal at one of the eclectic restaurants. Don’t miss interesting small shops, delis and markets full of local nourishments, fascinating history at the Pacific County Historical Society Museum, and the nationally recognized Pacific County Courthouse overlooking the entire town. Small-town ease meets majestic natural wonder in the South Bend area – come take an adventure and soak up a little charm.

South Bend Weather



Photo credit: Michelle Layman

Photo credit: Michelle Layman

Average Temperature:

January – High 46.0 F, Low 32.0 F
July – High 70.0 F, Low 50.0 F


January Rainfall – 12.05 inches
July Rainfall – 1.45 inches

Sources: intellicast.com


 Key Locations of Interest

Photo credit: Cathy Russ

Photo credit: Cathy Russ

  • Cheney Park
  • Pacific County Courthouse
  • Pacific County Historical Society Museum
  • Robert Bush Park
  • South Bend Boat Launch
Photo credit: Michelle Layman

Photo credit: Michelle Layman

Distance to Closest Large Washington Airport

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is approximately 118 miles from South Bend.

Distance to Closest Large City in Washington

  • Olympia is approximately 69 miles from South Bend.
  • Seattle is approximately 129 miles from South Bend.

 Relevant Contact Names and Information

Photo credit: Larry Bale

Photo credit: Larry Bale

  • Local Film Liaison – Michelle Layman, Director, Willapa Harbor Chamber of Commerce, (360) 942-5419,info@willapaharbor.org
  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control – Dave Eastham, Chief of Police, City of South Bend Police Department, (360) 875-5444


Photo credit: Larry Bale

Photo credit: Larry Bale

Praire Hotel – http://www.prairiehotel.com/


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