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The Neighborhood of Chinatown-International District In the City of Seattle – October 2016

One of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, historic Chinatown-International District is a hub of culture and history just south of Downtown. The neighborhood is comprised of Chinatown, Japantown, and Little Saigon, with each section of the neighborhood reflecting its respective region. The neighborhood is centrally located 1 mile south of the downtown core, and is accessible by bus and Link Light Rail in the Chinatown/International District Station of the Metro Tunnel, and by the Seattle Streetcar. Chinatown-International District is primarily a restaurant district, with foods from all over Asia, but there is also a mix of retail, specialty stores, and services. Officially placed in the National Register of Historic Places, buildings and fixtures in Chinatown-International District reflect its rich history within Seattle and the world. With an interesting mix of modern and traditional, Chinatown-International District is a unique staple of Seattle culture, history, and food.

Chinatown-International District Weather

Photo Credit: Spencer Haung

Photo Credit: Spencer Haung

Typical Pacific Coast climate, with warm and mild summers, rain showers in spring and fall, and mild winters with little to no snow.
Average Temperature:
January – High 45.0 F, Low 35.0 F
July – High 75.0 F, Low 55.0 F
January Rainfall – 5.77 inches
July Rainfall – 0.75 inches

Projects Filmed in Chinatown-International District

Photo Credit: Spencer Haung

Photo Credit: Spencer Haung

Key Locations of Interest

Night Market 2015.Cham Bunphoath

Photo Credit: Cham Bunphoath

  • Canton Alley, (one of three historic alleys in Seattle)
  • Chinatown Gate
  • Donnie Chin International Children’s Park
  • Dragons on street lamps
  • Hing Hay Park, (Pagoda inside Hing Hay Park)
  • Kobe Terrace, (gardens in Japantown)
  • Metro Transit Tunnel
  • Panama Hotel, (historic hotel with remains of Japanese Americans’ belongs from internment in 1946; has the country’s only remaining Japanese bathhouse, listed as a National Historic Landmark)
  • Tai Tung, (oldest Chinese restaurant in Seattle where Bruce Lee frequented)
  • Union Station
  • Uwajimaya, (the Northwest’s largest Japanese supermarket)
  • Wing Luke Museum

Distance to Downtown Seattle

Chinatown-International District is approximately 1 mile from Seattle.

Closest Large Washington Airport

Chinatown-International District is approximately 13 miles from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Annual Events or Festivals Hosted By Chinatown-International District

Relevant Contact Names & Information

Photo Credit: Cham Bunphoath

Photo Credit: Cham Bunphoath

  • Local Film Liaison

Monisha Singh, Events and Programs Manager, Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area, (206) 382-1197 x2, monisha@cidbia.org

  • Agency that issues permits and costs

Seattle Office of Film + Music, http://www.seattle.gov/filmandmusic

  • Police or Sheriff’s Department or agency that handles traffic control

Seattle Office of Film + Music, http://www.seattle.gov/filmandmusic


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