In the fall of 2018, Washington Filmworks convened its first-ever statewide Film Leadership Council (FLC) in Wenatchee, Washington. Driven by our strong desire to do more for the statewide film industry, this group will develop proposals that will help maximize the impact of the production incentive program and the resources of the state film office.

An advisory board to Washington Filmworks’ Board of Directors, the FLC includes 21 film professionals from across the state representing a wide array of motion picture productions such as feature films, episodic series, virtual reality, branded content and industrials. Members include union and non-union film professionals, executives from production companies, and emerging voices in the statewide film community, and all of them bring a unique and valuable perspective to our work together.

In its inaugural year, the FLC has been working with Washington Filmworks and The Ostara Group on developing a new funding strategy for the production incentive program—announcement coming soon—and during the rest of 2019, the group will help to reimagine the Innovation Lab.

Here is a list of the current FLC members, and you can read their bios here.

Ben Andrews
Joseph Assi
Jeff Barehand
Tony Becerra
Kate Becker
Matt Bobbitt
Brice Budke
Matthew J. Clark
Rebecca Cook
Marc Dahlstrom
Elliat Graney-Saucke
Mischa Jakupcak
Andrew Lahmann
Juan Mas
Myisa Plancq-Graham
Melissa Purcell
Melinda Raebyne
Dawn Taylor Reinhardt
Devante Smith
Chris Swenson
Jade Warpenburg

We are grateful for their support as we continue to find ways to serve the film community in Washington State.