The results from our Second Annual Jobs Survey & First Annual Vendor Survey are in! Thank you to all who participated this year! Though we were able to capture some very informative data, we hope to have increased participation across a greater number and variety of film industry professionals next year. If you missed the July Town Hall Events in Seattle and Spokane, here are a few of the key results we presented:

Survey Objectives:

  • To better understand the Washington State film industry (not just the incentive work!)
  • To identify and address industry concerns
  • To further define why film is important in Washington State

Key Results From Jobs Survey:

  • Number of respondents: 514
  • Percentage self-reported as union members: 32%
  • Number of positions represented: over 19 unique positions
  • 80% of respondents worked in their preferred positions on a production in 2013
  • 90% responses from Western Washington (55% from Seattle), 10% from Eastern Washington (7% from Spokane)
    • Other concentrations: Tacoma, Bellingham, Everett, Redmond
  • Types of production our community worked on in order of frequency: commercial, industrial/corporate, feature film, short film, TV/episodic series, music videos, web series, student film
  • Percentage of respondents who answered annual income question: 52% (We need greater reporting next year for a more representative sample. Remember, these surveys can be anonymous!)
  • 64% of respondents expected their film /  video income to increase in 2014
  • Other creative industries supported by Washington film industry workers: photography, theater, music, art, video games, fashion, dance
  • Percentage of respondents who also worked out-of-state on film / video projects: 32%
    • Oregon, California, and New York were most common states indicated

Key Results From Vendor Survey:

  • Number of respondents: 96 businesses
  • Distribution: 88 from Western Washington (55% from Seattle), 12% from Eastern Washington (5% form Spokane)
  • Number of jobs: 953
  • Revenue from Film/Video Work: $32 million
  • Percentage of businesses working exclusively with film/video: 38%
    • Of those that didn’t work exclusively with film, 83% of their business operations was film/video related
  • Other industries supported: advertising, events, photography, retail, education
  • 80% expected their film / video revenue to increase inside of WA in 2014

Key Conclusions:

  • The film industry creates great jobs
  • Film / video professionals are valued workers in the greater creative economy
  • The film industry brings significant money into the state
  • There is still room to grow
  • We need greater survey participation next year. Help us tell your story!